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School uniform and schoolwear

School uniforms or school dress codes are a fact of life and seem to be growing in popularity. There are pros and cons but here at MBLEM we always focus on the positive and believed that an appropriate policy has many benefits and will lead to ...

  • A more productive learning environment - Reducing distractions, allowing students to focus more on their academics and less on the competition and peer pressure associated with keeping up with the latest fashion trends.
  • Improved relations between teachers and students - When students are in uniform, research has shown that teachers see students in a more respectful light. In turn, students are perceived to have a more positive attitude and creates a more efficient learning environment.
  • Increased self-confidence and better preparation for the “real world” - Dressing for success not only improves the current learning atmosphere, it also prepares children for their future jobs where they will likely have to adhere to work-related dress codes.
  • Fewer discipline issues - Students who wear uniforms tend to show a greater respect for authority, creating an environment in which potential conflict can be handled in a more positive and constructive manner.
  • A greater sense of community - A good school uniform can foster a greater sense of pride, ownership and belonging.
  • Increased school safety - When students are dressed uniformly, it is easier to identify non-students and strangers.
  • Time savings - Makes getting dressed in the mornings a whole lot faster and easier.
  • Money savings - Eliminates the need for parents to buy a large number of wardrobe pieces and instead to focus on a few key uniform items, resulting in cost savings over the year.
  • Creative self-expression - They offer children the opportunity to creatively find ways for self-expression outside of their physical appearance, i.e., academically, athletically, artistically, socially, and through their own unique personalities. Self-expression and individuality come from within.

Here at MBLEM, we offer a collection that’s a class above in terms of exceptional quality, choice, value, availability and standards of ethical production.

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  • We would love to work with you, and can assure you of the highest quality work and service.

    We would love to work with you, and can assure you of the highest quality work and service.
    Rose Logie, Director, Mblem-Wear Ltd

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