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The Importance of Organic

The Importance of Organic

Choosing a uniform, whether corporate, promotional or outdoor wear, for instance, requires a high degree of deliberation. It’s important that both job and brand requirements are taken into consideration when picking out a uniform: what the company is about, where the employees will work, what the colours of the brand is, etc.

Deciding the material of the uniform is equally important. You want it to be comfortable and breathable, and yet represent who you are as a business. And, in an increasingly eco-conscious and ethical society, opting to go 100% organic is more and more a popular option.

Better for You

Organic materials, such as cotton, are easier to wear and believed to be better for your health. They are seen to favour sensitive skin types and cause fewer allergies because its production uses fewer chemicals – and avoids dangerous ones.

Better for Workers

The use of pesticides and insecticides leads to poisoning in farmers, which in turn causes severe health problems. These issues are incredibly acute, so thousands of poor farmers end up losing their lives to the production of materials like cotton. Organic cotton, on the other hand, makes sure that both farmers and their families lead healthy lives.

We also participate in fair trade practices. This means workers are protected, there’s total traceability across the supply chain, and the use of poisonous chemicals is banned. Opting for fair trade can help poor farmers in third world countries becoming debt-free to chemical companies.

Better for the Environment

Sustainability implies ensuring soils, biodiversity of seeds, and fauna are preserved – and the livelihood of farmers and workers promoted. Organic agriculture has its roots in this approach. Every action we take has a consequence, and organic farming intends to reduce any possible negative impacts and promote healthy ones.

Instead of using chemicals that stimulate growth and produce short-term yields but damage the environment, organic farming focuses on natural ways to create soil fertility.


At Mblem Wear, we strive to deliver only the highest quality materials, as well as the more sustainable, which is why we’re investing in EarthPositive® apparel – which reduced the carbon footprint of a T-shirt by 90%!

This brand is GM free, organic and ethically made, and manufactured by using sustainable energy created from wind and solar power – a fantastic solution for business, as you can help minimise climate change while choosing fashionable uniforms for your employees at the same time.

EarthPositive® also knows that more than 20,000 litres of water can be used to produce just 1kg of cotton, which is equivalent to one T-shirt and a pair of jeans; this is why they chose to work in a region where 95% of the water comes from monsoons.

Sustainability is an important issue, and at Mblem Wear we want to do our part. We have everything you could possibly need to create the perfect organic uniform, so contact us today on to learn more about what we can offer you!

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