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How to Choose a Uniform for Winter

How to Choose a Uniform for Winter

Summer’s over, autumn is fully underway and winter is coming, which means you need to start thinking about suitable uniform to help keep you and your employees warm through winter – especially if the job involves outdoor activities.

We’ve listed some helpful tips to help you choose the right uniform for the upcoming cold and chilly winter months.


The best fabrics for a winter uniform include wool, leather, velvet, corduroy and fleece. Depending on your organisation’s requirements, you should choose one of these fabrics for your work’s dress code.


At the end of the day it’s all about the style, and making sure the winter uniform you choose fits in your company’s image. Do employees wear hats and leather gloves during work time? The style of the uniform sets the tone of your organisation to the public, so try to find a style that’s not too different from your summer uniform.


Does size matter? Of course it does. After all, your employees don’t want to walk around in a uniform that doesn’t fit. Choose shirts, jackets and trousers of all different sizes to ensure that everyone will be happy and comfortable.


It might be winter, but you still don’t have to wear layers and layers of uniform that will make you feel uncomfortable! Choose the right layers of clothing that will allow you work and manoeuvre around your workplace safely.

Number of Employees

If you are an employer looking to purchase winter uniform for your employees, you must know how many of your employees will be wearing it. Will the uniform be worn by all your employees? Or just worn by certain departments within your company?


Budget, budget, budget! You’re likely going to have to choose a uniform that fits within your budget. Write down a list of core essentials that your winter uniform must have, which will likely be the company’s logo and slogan. Some uniform fabrics will be cheaper to use than others.

With our tips, hopefully, you will find it easier to choose the right uniform to keep you warm during the chilly winter. If you need an embroidery service in Carlisle, Cumbria and Troon to help you provide the right winter uniform for you, you can contact us to find out more.

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