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How to Incorporate Your Values Into Your Uniform

How to Incorporate Your Values Into Your Uniform

Branding and values play a huge role in any company, and are used in everything from company handbooks and office décor to corporate social responsibility programmes and more. So why not incorporate your values into your uniform too?

Here at MBlem Wear, we explain why your logo should embody the mission and values of your business, and the benefits to including it on employee uniforms.

1. It will promote your company

It’s not just in the workplace that your staff will wear their uniforms; they’ll be commuting to and from their workplace, as well as heading out for their lunch breaks or post-work drinks. The right uniform, in the right colours, with the right logo, will get your brand name and values out there. The Olympic logo, for example, signifies the unity of all of the participating countries – ensure that your logo has purpose and meaning, as it’ll be visible to a number of people outside of your workplace.

2. Think about colours

As well as the design of your logo, the colours that you choose will make your brand memorable. Think of orange, for example, and you’ll think Sainsbury’s and EasyJet. The colours you choose for your overall branding and your logo should translate to uniforms too: while you could use block colours, such as T-shirts or jackets in your brand colours, you could also go for more subtle hints. Ties for men in your brand’s red, choosing to use your brand’s colour just for the collar of a T-shirt – there are plenty of ways to bring colour to your work uniform without it being overwhelming.

3. Make your employees visible

One further benefit of incorporating your logo and your branding into staff uniforms is that your employees will be instantly recognisable. Customers and visitors will know, at a glance, who’s employed by the company, and therefore who they can turn to with any queries. There are numerous benefits to incorporating your values into your employee uniforms – for you, for employees and for your customers. If you’re looking to make changes to your workwear, please contact us to find out how we can help.

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