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What Makes a Good Sports Uniform?

What Makes a Good Sports Uniform?

A good sports uniform is very important – just look at the Summer Olympics! Team GB – wearing kits designed by Stella McCartney – have looked amazing as they’ve clinched medal after medal. So what exactly makes a winning sports kit? Here are just a few of the elements that go into making a first class uniform.

It has to feel comfortable

There is no point in an athlete looking the part if they don’t feel great too. After all, a decent uniform should be about assisting an athlete on their track to becoming number one. Admittedly, it all depends on the sport. World-class swimmers – like Fran Halsall – should be dressed in tight-fitting materials that make them more streamlined as they race through the water. Meanwhile, distance runners – like Mo Farah – are best off wearing loose-fitting layers as they zoom past their opponents on the track.

Comfort, therefore, is an integral part of every sports uniform.

It should promote unity

It’s vital that a team feels united, and uniforms are a great way to assure they do. Whether they are a shot-put sensation or a champion cyclist, those on Team GB wear the uniform with a badge of pride because they’re representing their country and their team. Unity is a major factor in helping a team reach their full potential alongside each other.

It should be individual

A good uniform should certainly stand out from the crowd. Now remember, no one is saying opt for a rainbow-coloured kit. Instead, pay attention to the minor details and how they can make the gear unique. This year, Stella McCartney clearly found success by merely playing with the colours of the Union Jack. It sounds simple, but it really does work.

Uniforms can be the difference between 1st and 2nd place. Creating a good sports uniform can take a bit of time. But thanks to MBLEM Wear, the process is actually easier than ever. While obviously it takes a determined athlete to get anywhere near the top of the leader board, sometimes the difference between first and second place can actually come down to uniform. For more information, please contact us.

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